What is ELO boosting and how do you get it?


League of Legends players often have to play the game for many months to be able to get their in-game character to the high level needed to gain access to the best matches.


With few people having the time needed to be able to do this, a practice called ELO boosting has become common.


This is when a player pays an ELO boosting service to take over their League of Legends character and play it themselves. The service pays a highly skilled player to do so. Once your character has reached the high rank you need, it is then handed back to you.


You can then continue to play League of Legends but this time in a much higher ranked matches.


How do you get ELO boosting? -- There are online services providing ELO boosting. They can be found by doing a search on your usual search engine and checking out the prices a few services charge.


Once you pay for elo boosting of your own League of Legends character, you will be expected to give the service the password to your account. They pay a better player to play ELO boosting with your character, with the goal of getting it ranked higher as quickly as possible.


Once that character has been ranked higher, it will be handed back to you and your account password can then be changed.


From then on, you will continue to play your League of Legend character just as you always have been able to. The only difference is you will now have access to the high level matches you have wanted to play in for months.

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