What is ELO in League of Legends and is it Important?

If you are just starting to play the video game League of Legends, you may have heard the term ELO being mentioned in chat.


What is ELO in League of Legends, and is it important for a beginning player to know about?


What is ELO? -- ELO is the rating system that calculates the skill level of individual players in relation to the skills of every other player. It is not just a rating system used in League of Legends, however, as it is also used in other video games and in sports like American football, basketball and baseball.


ELO used to be used in League of Legends so that similarly ranked players could be placed in the same games. That has changed, however, with the addition of the game's the League System.


Is ELO important in League of Legends nowadays? -- No, it really is not.


Before the game switched to the League System, ELO was very important as it meant lower-skilled players would not be put into games with highly-skilled. Games that would cause lower-skilled players to lose every time. With the League System now being used, however, ELO is no longer important. That also means if you have an ELO score from a long time ago, it really is no longer relevant.


ELO system important in China -- If you are a player in China, however, the ELO system is still used when calculating player rank among Chinese players.


This is due to the client the Chinese use having problems calculating the League System correctly. If you play anywhere else but China, however, you can safely ignore the ELO system.


As a non-Chinese player, you do need to understand the League System and how it is calculated, as that will affect the games you are placed in and the people you play against.


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